Sometimes you have to look beyond your reality to truly find out who you really are. 

Feritta grew up in a family where education and family duty came first.  While her two brothers went on to become successful engineers, Feritta's passions were art, design and music.  Always wanting to look beyond, she felt that it was her destiny to connect with people and make a difference in the lives of others.  While most of today's stars have parents pushing them into the limelight it was quite the opposite for the once shy, Indian girl, who at a very young age was encouraged by her teachers to sing in the school's programs and choirs.  At 11 she was awarded a scholarship to study the clarinet, which she studied for two years.

High school was a tough place for a girl who didn't quite fit in, with frizzy hair, acne, braces and covered from head to toe by parents who wanted to protect their child from the sun - even in 40 degree heat!  In some ways, it seems only natural that music became an outlet for her dreams and imagination in an otherwise awkward life.  As her parents pushed her to focus on academics, music became a hobby in her spare time where she would just write pages of lyrics expressing her emotions in a world that could't understand her probably because she didn't even understand herself.  It was very difficult trying to be a normal "Aussie" teenage girl when her parents wanted her to be something quite different.   

University followed and while completing a double degree in business and marketing Feritta returned to music and began vocal training under the guidance of Lucy D'Olimpio of Harmony School of Voice and Music.  D'Olimpio was the first person who encouraged her talent pushing her to perform solo at the school's shows and mall Christmas performances which was an exciting step for Feritta who thought of herself as a bit of a wall flower and nothing special.  

Wanting more, Feritta quickly discovered how fickle the music industry can be and after a few false starts and everyone around her telling her to quit, Feritta met with UK writers and producers "Cube"- Dean Hopkins and Brian Highet.  Feritta recorded several tracks with Cube. "Boyfriend", which went to #1 on the independent mp3.com.au music charts and also  performed their track "Be What U Wanna Be" in Melbourne, Australia, as a competition finalist out of over 150 acts in a national competition.  Soon after this collaboration Cube disbanded which presented the opportunity for her to expand her skills set from singer to song writing and producer alongside Hopkins and together their first collaboration, "Don't Tell Me That You're Sorry" climbed to #2 on the mp3.com.au charts and remained in the R&B top 20 for over a year!

Hopkins and Feritta continued to work together and the result was 'A Journey Begins' her debut album.  The album also included collaborations with UK and local producers on several of the album tracks which had immense success on the independent scene.   Years later and her music has still consistently performed on the  Broadjam.com  Top Ten Charts including the Pop Top 10, Contemporary R&B Top Ten, Production Top 10, Female Vocal Top 10, Australian Top 10, California Top 10, and more - often with two tracks dominating a single Top Ten chart at any one time. 

Her most recent success has been with Who's Got Talent Finalist Stef Tahlia with their January 2018 mash hit "Set Myself Free" that peaked at #4 on the prestigious European Independent Charts. 

Feritta's talents have been recognized consistently - winning the title Best Female Solo Artist Australia in the International Music Aid Awards twice, receiving two WAMi nominations,  has been awarded The Recognition for Exellence Award for her musical talent and for writing and performing the Official Theme Song, "The Light" for the 4th World Zoroastrian Youth Congress.   


Feritta has opened for international artists and sold out shows alongside Bollywood superstars Sonu Niggam and triple platinum award winning artist Pankaj Udhas, International Producer as well as popular UK DJ and actor Bally Sagoo to name a few.


Her entrepreneurial skills have seen her launch not one but two websites, Goddess by Feritta, an  e-commerce site committed to holistic yet luxury home and beauty products and her popular food blog aptly titled Eat In Style by Feritta which has been awarded the title of  Top 100 Australian Food Blogs.  Feritta is also committed to sharing her passion for healthy, beauty and food on her YouTube Channels, Goddess by Feritta and Eat In Style by Feritta.


There seems to be no stopping this multi-talented artist, cook, influencer, business woman and entrepreneur. 


Feritta is managed by Synergy Management. 



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